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Fear and Anxiety When Visiting the Dentist

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm 1 Comment

A person searching the Internet found my site and wrote in via email:

I have read your comments about new dental technologies and how they can reduce fear and anxiety when at the dentist. I was just enquiring about what are your views about the interior environment (interior space) and its impact on the patients fear and anxiety. Do you feel that this plays a role in dentistry?

As an LVI-trained dentist, I firmly believe that the interior of my office and its decor help reduce patients' fear and anxiety.

We have been trained since childhood to associate certain smells, sounds, and even colors with medical offices. When you walk into a dental office, you often smell antisceptic. Some dentists will make an effort to "warm up" their lobbies with furnishings and curtains, but the lobby is still often dark or lacks natural light.

The treatment rooms themselves can be pretty dreary as dentists getting on in years don't want to make the investment in new colors, treatment chairs and even new dental technologies.

All of this is one reason I've made a real effort to design my office to not look or smell like a dental office. When you step into the lobby, the first thing you notice is the abundance of natural light, waterfall, and seasonal decorations.

The entire office, including the treatment room, is immaculate, warm, and inviting. When you visit my dental spa, I want you feel comfortable and relaxed -- as if you're stepping into your own home.

In fact, you can take a tour of my office without leaving your home -- just click on the following link which will open a virtual or 360 degree tour of my office.
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It is great that you make the extra effort to make your patients comfortable in an environment that is usually unsetteling.  Personally, I've had a dental phobia since I was a child because of my dental history.  It really seems to help when the dentist or dental hygenist gets to know you by asking questions and learning a little bit about you on your first visit.  Also, going to a dentist that friends or family have had good experiences with always helps ease my tension.  My most recent dentist I heard about from a good friend, and I could not be more pleased with my experiences.  Thanks for sharing!
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