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Explanation for the melamine resin

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:47pm

[Announcement] Explanation for the melamine resin we use for our products

The newspapers@and TV have given prominent coverage to the health problem in babies by the milk powder mixed with melamine and the food mixed with it in China. The melamine resin used for our products differs materially from the chemical raw material, gmelamine (monomer)h reported in papers. As to the safety of melamine resin, the safety of the tableware made from melamine resin is confirmed as below. Therefore you can use our products with a sense of security.

1. Safety standards of the melamine tableware 
In Japan, as to the melamine tableware, the standards of the instruments/containers and packages made from synthetic resin, have been set under the Food Sanitation Act. From the material to the products that meet the standards, the safety is confirmed and you can use them with a sense of security.
Furthermore the health specialized agencies all over the world, such as, BPF(British Plastic Federation), BGA(German Commission E), FDA(FDA-sanctioned drug), have set the standards and confirm the safety.

2. Difference between gmelamineh and gmelamine resinh
Melamine resin is the condensation product of melamine with formaldehyde. Melamine resin is produced by forming under the high temperature/pressure and polymerizing. The chemical raw material gmelamineh reported in newspapers and on TV, differs from gmelamine resinh materially as well as functionally. Under the production of melamine resin, almost all quantity of the chemical raw material gmelamineh reacts on chemically, for little gmelamine (melamine monomer)h remains in melamine resin.

3. The safety of melamine monomer in extremely small quantities
The safety inspection agencies, like FDA, confirm that the toxicity of gmelamine (melamine monomer)h is low and that it does not injure our health in case of a very small amount. For this reason each country dose not regulate gmelamine (melamine monomer)h as controlled substance from the aspect of safety and health.

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