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enamel hypoplasia

Posted by xray1972


My 3-year-old son has enamel hypoplasia.  Dr wants to put silver caps on his back molars.  His back 3 molar teeth are pitted and yellow in color. Son is healthy other than multiple ear infections and antibiotics use early on.  He had ear tubes put to fix that.  Dr. said filling it is not the correct way, because it will brake down and we will back. (3 back molars). So he will be medicated along with gas and done in office.3 years old, boy,Hispanic / Caucasian--- has been to the dentist 2 other times, at 12 months he had brown spots on his front teeth that the dentist took off.   We where told it was iron deposit from formula.   Now he has this.   Are they connected?   I plan on going through with the caps, but what are the other options?   What should I look out for?   My dentist is a highly recommended pediatric dentist in the area, so I do trust him that’s why I plan to go ahead.   I just want to be fully educated before the procedure.    When I talk to my pediatrician is there something she should do (test wise) once I tell her what he has.


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