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Electric toothbrush question

Posted Aug 07 2010 11:02am
Hi Ellie,  Hope is all well.  

Can you tell me what your opinion is on using an electric toothbrush?  My husband switched about 3 yrs ago and his cleanings are better and the hygienist said it is due to the electric toothbrush.  He has crowns and so far they haven't loosened up. I  as you know from my many emails to you, have veneers on the upper front and crowns upper left and right. I would love to switch over but fear that
the constant vibration from the electric toothbrush will eventually loosen my very expensive dental work. In the past when I asked this question I was told, well the only way you are going to find out is to try using one. Not the answer I was looking for. Since I value your opinion tremdously, please tell me what you think. Are they good to use, and would recommend your patients with crowns, etc to start using one?  I have seen a few models in the stores that have variable speeds and sensitive option, which may be a good option, just not sure. Your input is appreciated.



Hi M,

The most important things about toothbrushing are 1) to have a spotlessly clean brush
2) Your gums must "end up" clean.

No matter what brush if the brush is infected you will re-infect your mouth each time you brush.

The blame for tooth decay has been put on sugar but I blame dirty toothbrushes for at least 80% of the disease in people's mouths.Use a UV system to clean your brush or use Listerine to swish the brush head
each time, rinse off under running water and allow to dry between uses.

Successful tooth brushing your gums must finish clean ( no bacteria/plaque/germs).

If you have never used my system, maybe different brushes help remove plaque better, BUT if you are using my system of care with Closys, Listerine , ACT plus adequate amounts of xylitol then your mouth will be virtually germ free BEFORE you brush!!

I use a Zellies manual brush, because I do not like the vibration of the electric. I am delighted with my oral health.

I suggest you use the brush you prefer but with veneers you may be better with a manual brush.

Have you tried Zellies toothbrushes? they are very good and very popular!

Hope this explains the position!
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Rochester, NY 14623
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