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Dr. Ellie Q & A

Posted May 24 2012 9:42am
Thank you so much for publishing this information. I've noticed results in about a week from your protocol. I had a weird problem with biofilm building up on my teeth, and it's almost all gone now. That was FAST - and totally unexpected so quickly.

Question - you mention fluoride as beneficial. Have you ever recommended vit k2 (from grass-fed sourced ghee or supplements) to support oral health? I've read that this, the vit A from fermented cod liver oil or cow\'s liver, and good intake of vit D (along with a good mineral-rich diet) does a lot to promote good oral health. Thoughts? 

Answer - I am a big fan of fermented foods, vitamins, supplementation and probiotics. I am learning more about foods and supplementation - which I agree makes sense. I am currently reading an interesting book about diet - the Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Shou Jaminet. I think diet is vital for total body health - and most of the information given in the media is as flawed as the "brush and floss" dental message. My next book will speak more about nutrition and oral health - and I hope to have this by early next year.

Question -  You answered a question about using just xylitol as toothpaste but said you could use it in a pinch. Is there a reason why one couldn\'t use this as a long-term solution after fixing any existing oral health issues? Seems like xylitol is what is preventing the bacteria from really taking hold in one\'s mouth. Thoughts?

Answer - I believe the answer depends on your individual risk factors. If you have perfect teeth - with no fillings and no damage to your gums - then there may be many products that can maintain your oral health (since you will not need products that do any more than maintain oral health.) If you have damage or "risk factors" for damage ( a dry or acidic mouth for example) then you need a protocol that gives you more help. You will need to remineralize your teeth every day and help for your gum tissues.  A healthy young man with alkaline saliva, great natural teeth ( no fillings) and good nutrition could probably brush with xylitol all his life - and maintain his oral health. [ Women battle with hormones that affect mouth acidity etc. so this is why I say "young man" in the sentence above]. If you are stressed, have fillings and other dental work, or if you do not have a perfect diet - then I think you need to use the products I recommend that offer as much help as possible. It is your insurance policy against any future damage.

Question/Comment = I recently send in a question about your protocol. I forgot to ask you if you have any thoughts about Sonicare toothbrushes. I've heard they're good. Are they too harsh on gums while using your protocol? I've noticed positive effects so far but want to make sure I'm not doing any damage with this deviation from your suggestion to use a regular toothbrush.

Answer - I do not think one particular kind of brush is better nor worse than another. It is a question of how well you massage your gums with the brush - inside and out - how easily you can maneuver the brush in your own mouth. Also it is vital to think how well you clean your toothbrush every day, how carefully you store it - away from any toilet (and FAR away from anyone else who has dental problems!!)

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