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Donated school supplies

Posted Nov 19 2012 6:27am

  Today, the school held a Chongshan for the poor children of mountain activities to donate school supplies.
    Section II class, students stand in the playground a good team. The leadership of the school saw the podium, next to the podium placed in schools with school supplies donated by each class, which is two days before the students have their own school supplies donated to the moncler jackets sale school to prepare students to the mountains , here are my mountain of the students came to buy a pencil, eraser, notebook and so on. Activities began, the principal began his speech: "We are the activities for the poor mountain students donated school supplies. Students in comparison with them, everyone is so happy. And they did not have money to go to school, can only work to help parents make money. They would like to study how ah ... .... "talking heads touching words, when I saw the poor as if the students have received a mountain of these items donated by the smiling faces of joy and a pleasure to go to school carrying a bag of background, I can not help but feel the pride and excitement. I would like to: those children born in poverty in the village of the hill, I would like to go to school every day, to them it is a hope, even on the science, you have to take on the shoulders of young city children more than the burden of the family. I remember seeing in the newspaper a letter from the poor mountain children, the letter called: "The people who can not choose, they can change the life, I would like to change their own destiny, but there is no read, no knowledge, can not change anything. I would like to study, I would like to read! "
    Through today's activities make me feel that those of us living in the city children, living in well-being, the longer the red flag, is in the golden age of life. Learning in this beautiful environment, more time should treasure and cherish life, love of learning, in science and continue to explore the road ahead, in order to contribute to the prosperity of the motherland's a strength!

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