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Does whitening toothpaste really work? And how do i choose a good toothpaste?

Posted Jul 17 2010 5:58am

Let us begin by understanding how to choose a basic toothpaste, ok? With so many types and variety of toothpastes on the shelf, i can understand that you may sometimes be overwhelmed by the choices.

A simple rule to follow when you are confused. Always go back to basics. Use one that contains fluoride. This way, you and your child could increase your resistance to dental decay.

Now, we are ready to discuss about the effective use of whitening toothpaste. Look closely at your toothpaste label, does it contain fluoride? The answer is most probably YES. Most toothpaste that are sold commercially nowadays do contain flouride. So that serve its primary aim – to protect your teeth from dental decay.

How about the secondary goal of whitening your teeth? It is definitely far less effective as compared to professional methods such as home tray whitening or chair side whitening.  It is claimed that the abrasive substances found in whitening toothpaste can reduce superficial stains on teeth after prolonged use. For very discoloured yellow or brown coloured teeth, please seek professional treatment.

If you have sensitive teeth, it is not advisable to use whitening toothpaste for long periods, as the abrasives may wear away the protective outer layer ( enamel). Certain desensitizing toothpastes may be recommended by your dentist if you have teeth which are sensitive as a result of receding gums.

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