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Dental insurance needs a few good teeth.

Posted Mar 15 2009 3:14pm
Dental and periodontal cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy. The bad news is that millions of Americans have lost their jobs along with their dental and health insurance. COBRA benefits are unreachable for most and they can't afford to pay out of pocket to see a dental professional even once a year.

The scary news is that there are hundreds of discount dental providers using scare tactics and jockeying to get your money. Know what your money is buying. Read the fine print.

The good news is that AARP's Dental Insurance Plan offers three (3) free dental or periodontal cleanings every year. Rates average around $43 per month for single coverage with discounted premiums for two people and families. Plan prices, like all dental coverage, vary by state and region.

More good news is that AARP and its administrator, Delta Dental Insurance Company, have acknowledged the need for broader preventative dental coverage and perhaps others will follow their lead.

More bad news is that AARP and Delta Dental only cover periodontal surgeries one (1) time every five (5) years. If you are prone to periodontal disease you may need periodontal surgery more often to keep your teeth, and they are expensive even with dental coverage.

Take action now. Send an encouraging email requesting an upgrade for necessary periodontal coverage to keep your teeth and improve your quality of life.Visit or call toll-free (866) 583-2085.

Keep smiling.

Saundra Goodman
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