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Dental Check-Up

Posted Oct 06 2010 8:09pm
Hi Again:

Had my first cleaning and exam since starting the system about 6 months ago. The hygienist commented that my mouth has always been very clean but now it's really clean my cleaning took about 15 mins. I did ask her to be very gentle with the final polish so as to preserve the enamel as much as possible and she was.

My dentist did the exam following the cleaning and she was amazed at the healthy state of my gums especially around some new crowns that she did just prior to when I started the system. She mentioned that gums around crowns are prone to be sensitive and irritated for a while, if not even forever sometimes, but mine look as good as can be.

Question I had a white filling put in on the gum line cheek side of a back molar last year (was not on the system yet...) the white filling came out the other day and I returned to my dentist who decided that it would be best to fill it should I be worried of this tooth breaking?

Thanks and best,


Hi K,

I am delighted to hear your fantastic oral health report.

My main excitement is that you are one of only a few people in the US to have such superb gum health most people are walking around with disease, disease that is affecting their general health.

Don't worry about your new filling. The most important thing is to keep the tooth enamel strong and you will do this by using the system I recommend.

Only acid damage or mouth dryness causes enamel to flake and break, crack and split. Use the system I recommend and always PROTECT your teeth from acidity. Zellies mints and gum are a quick and easy way to end a meal or drink. A little granular xylitol in water is also a nice way to sip xylitol day or night.

The more TIMES a day your teeth experience xylitol the stronger (and younger) they will become!

I am delighted we "met" .

Maybe your dentist would enjoy a copy of Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye? I will try to remember to run a special around the Holiday time! Ha!

Best Wishes,

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