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Delta Dental Launches the 10,000 Smiles Project

Posted Nov 13 2008 7:51pm

10,000 Smiles Project

Delta Dental has launched what it has dubbed “ The 10,000 Smiles Project.” The concept here is simple. Delta wants to collect 10,000 photos of people smiling. That’s it. If you have a picture of yourself smiling, submit it. Why? Well, if Delta reaches their goal of receiving 10,000 photos of people smiling, they will donate $10,000 to the National Head Start Program, an organization that helps to develop vulnerable and underprivileged children. This is a good cause and it only takes a couple of seconds to submit a photo. So, submit one if you can.

Submit photo to Delta Dental 10,000 Smiles Project

You may also be interested in the press release.

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