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Cosmetic dentistry: Several Different procedures to fix your smile

Posted Jul 20 2010 10:30pm

Dental Implants San Diego Teeth suffer from wear and tear every day, so it is highly important that a person takes care of their teeth properly, but for some people the inevitable occurs and they do not like the appearance of their teeth. Going to a traditional dentist is not enough for everyone several people need braces and others who have gotten beyond braces need more help than what a traditional dentist can do for them. Those who suffer from having a less than perfect smile must be aware of all the options available to fix ones teeth. First, when finding a San Diego cosmetic dentist one should do their fair share of research. To become a cosmetic dentist one must go to a special school and do extra training, so verify that ones cosmetic dentist is legitimate and look for reviews on line. Next, ask what procedures that cosmetic dentist may offer, and ask about financing.

Most cosmetic San Diego Dentist s offer the same wide variety of treatments which fix anything cosmetically wrong with ones teeth. First impressions are important so decide which procedure is best for you.

Teeth whitening - Several people use at home whitening kits and see results, but for the best possible whitening results one should see a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist will make the teeth several shades lighter with one simple treatment. Coffee and cigarette stained teeth also become lighter with this treatment.

Veneers: A wafer thin layer of porcelain that can cover and fix crooker, chipped, and spaced teeth. This option is most commonly used on the front teeth.

Dental Implants San Diego –Dental implants are most commonly used to replace lost or broken teeth fully. This option is more permanent than the others. Leading San Diego dentist say this options is the best for those who must replace several teeth it is also one of the best options in that case. Dental implants consists of titanium which is surgically placed into the jaw bone where the missing tooth is rooted it acts as the root of the tooth and the bone generally grows around it. The tooth is then screwed into that and generally stays permanently.

Crowns: Acrylic or porcelain fused with metal caps the severely chipped or otherwise damaged tooth so that one can withstand the pressure of biting down.

Bonding: mild scrapping to the original tooth is first done and then a tooth colored enamel of the needed shape is bonded to the tooth providing a whiter more perfect smile.

Shaping: Many people feel there teeth are too pointy, too large, too round shaping is the procedure of reshaping the teeth or tooth by getting rid of some enamel or filing.

Orthodontics: the process of correcting alignment, buck teeth crocked teeth with braces.

There are many other procedures which can assist in the fixing of ones dental problems ones cosmetic dentist will provide all the tools for one to decide what procedure is best.
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