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Class I Occlusion

Posted Jan 27 2009 5:44pm
I mentioned that last week I was privileged enough to hear Dr. Vince Kokich speak.  There were some orthodontic residents in the audience and Dr. Kokich challenged them throughout the lecture.  One aspect of hearing Dr. Kokich speak that I valued was his willingness to share literature to back his statements and also he confessed when there was no literature backing him. 

At one point during the lecture he posed the following question to the orthodontic residents, then to the rest of the audience:

Can someone tell me what study shows that a Class I occlusion is better than a Class II occlusion?

There was silence in the lecture hall.  None of the residents or practicing orthodontists (probably 200 plus years of orthodontic experience in the room) could name one study that says this.  Never has an article been published that states this, however we all strive to get our patients into a Class I occlusion.

Dr. Kokich posed a simple question.  Why?  Why do we do this?  Why do we take patients, especially adults with 20+ years of positive dental history in Class II malocclusion, and force them into a Class I at the expense of extractions, mini screws, surgery, etc?  Because Dr. Angle said so.  That was the best answer.  

Keep this in mind when you are comprehensively treatment planning an adult patient which will involve orthodontics.  Talk to the orthodontists you refer to and get their opinion on this. 

I thought this idea was extremely poignant by Dr. Kokich.  Thoughts, anyone?

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