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Children and Closys

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:09pm
Hello Dr. Ellie,

I was reading about fluorosis and how xylitol could help. I had a couple of questions-can children use Closys II rinse? and why don't you use or recommend the Closys II toothpaste?



Hi TS,

Xylitol - as you will read - has uses for all of us! It provides benefits for all ages: from newborn to older adults.

ACT rinse has a benefit for kids and adults from the age of 6 onwards. The dilute sodium fluoride in ACT helps new 6-year molars mature quickly and tips the remineralization balance in a child's mouth. I recommend the original ACT anticavity - not the Restore version.

Young children, on the other hand, should not need to use all the other products in the complete mouth care system. I view my system for tooth care in much the same way as I view skin care.It is not really necessary for children until they turn into teens or young adults - unless they are suffering some kind of problem or are at high risk for disease.

Young children usually do not need Listerine or Closys if they are healthy, have a good diet and are not taking medications or suffer allergies or asthma - which would give them a problem because of dry mouth conditions. Nature seems to provide healthy children with an alkaline mouth, but as the hormones kick in - or if you add things like braces - this can make the situation deteriorate quickly. ( I also realize that the diet of teens can be a problem!) Then Closys will be a help to prevent gingivitis.

If teens are developing gingivitis - or if they are going to have braces/ or have braces - then Closys will really help a lot. Use it without flavor and before brushing teeth. Use it to swish around and then brush. I would still recommend ACT rinse at the end of brushing and also the repeated exposure to xylitol after meals and drinks etc.

I don't have a real problem with Closys toothpaste - but I have not really seen any special results from using it either. I like Crest Original and it has the benefit of the sodium fluoride in the paste. Crest has a good amount of polishing agent - but not too much to scratch enamel.

When they measure abrasiveness of toothpaste on a scale of 1 to 200 you want a paste to be around 100. Closys is under this number at around 65 I think (is it abrasive enough? - I don't have the answer) whereas Crest was tried and tested in the 1960s and came out at a perfect abrasiveness of 102.

I find that people with allergies and reactions to Sodium Laurel Sulphate do not have this problem with Crest Original. I cannot tell you why this would be - it is just a long time observation. It appears that Crest Original is one of the very few pastes made in the USA - all the newer ones seem to come from China. This is not necessarily a bad thing - just another observation!

Enjoy the book and please let me know if you have any other questions,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
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