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Chewing gum while your mouth and gums are sore?

Posted by Jessi a.


         My dad just recentley got a bone marrow tansplant and Latley he has been really enjoying chewing gum, but the problem is he has very very sore gums and mouth from what we just found out is a infection. So i would like some confirmination if he shouldnt or should. I kinda think it isnt good for his mouth but he loves it and is so limited with things to do while laying in the hospital. Thank you for your time, your answer might help him slow down :o)

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You may want to check the ingredients in the gum your Dad is chewing. Often people are surprised to learn that many of the ingredients in sugarless gum can be harmful for oral health!

Sorbitol is an artifical sweetener that is used in many sugarless chewing gums. By the third stick of gum, plaque bacteria learn to use sorbitol and grow and thicken. Sorbitol can also contribute to acid reflux symptoms ( may be related bacteria) which create harmful acidic mouth conditions.

I would suggest he chew only 100 percent xylitol gum.

There are many good brands and flavors available in health food stores and on line. Plaque bacteria cannot use xylitol and slowly die out. This should help heal your Dad's gum problems and give him healthy gum to chew.

I would recommend one piece of xylitol gum about six times a day for good dental health. You could also try 100 percent xylitol mints or a xylitol breath spray for him to use.

I hope this brings you dad relief and also improved dental health - to help his recovery and general health.

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