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Channeling, Vibrational Harmony and other exciting ideas.

Posted Jun 24 2008 5:07pm
What do you think about all of this? No, I'm not talking about the McCain-Obama-Clinton melodrama unfolding on CNN daily. I am talking about a new, interesting, and revolutionary way of looking at life. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

It all started when I somehow stumbeld across Esther Hicks and her "Ask and It is Given." I'm not sure why I even bought this book...oh, I remember. It goes back to buying "The Secret." But Esther's book is even more interesting as she talks about being in vibrational harmony with the universe. That just sounds so fascinating. And when I started looking back on my life (which has been fairly long now) I realized that when I was actually in harmony, things just had a way of turning out SO WELL. When I was stressing or putting too much energy and emphasis on thoughts or problems, life became much more difficult. Unfortunately, it's easy to be put off with this book as it is poorly written and too...too first grade-ish. It has wonderful ideas, however, and is uplifting and motivational. It can be summed up as: the power of positive thinking.

Well, if that was not enough, then "The Intention Factor" was brought to my attention - almost as if by fate or divine influence, whatever. OH MY GOSH. That book just set my head to reeling and it really opened my eyes to things that I kind of intuitively knew, but had never had anybody really endorse or support before. I was so taken with Lynne McTaggart's book that I bought "The Field," and was again just blown away with the human possibilites that we are so blind to. Both books are superbly written.

Now, how did I wander into the "Seth" books? I'm not sure, but again, it's just reinforcement over and over again that basically, we are more than we think...our nature is just so grand, our potential so vast, yet we spin our wheels over the most mundane concepts, fears and worries.

Anyway, all of this has set me on my ear... or ass...I don't even know one end from the other. I'm fascinated by these people who channel...that is very strange, but believable. Either that, or these people are charlatans of the highest order. I know most scientists would scoff at the whole notion, but there are things that are stranger than we will ever figure out. Science is not the god we have made it to be.

I really love the idea of being one with the world and with nature. I like the whole quantum interpretation and ideas about our "light" and our electromagnetic waves. Somehow, we have all become very, very lost. Either I'm finally finding my way, or I am in the thicket of confusion!
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