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Can you have nerve pain or a pinched nerve at the implant sight?

Posted by gturnage


The best way I can explain this pain is that it is coming from a pinched nerve. I spoke with my oral surgeon and he had no clue what I was talking about. The first thing he said we should do is remove the implant. He said that we might need to let the sight heal for four months then try again. The thought of that makes me want to cringe. Is there any possible explaination of this pain? I had the surgery the 29th of January- which was last Thursday. Tuesday morning I was feeling great. Tuesday night a long stitch came out on its own and thats when the pain started. The pain is shooting up my face to my temple and ear. I searched for dry sockets with implants (which doesn't make sense but I want an answer) and came up with nothing. Can you help me?

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