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Can nerve damage in teeth also cause other parts of the body to jerk and the nerves become sensitive?

Posted by Kim

I just recently had a few teeth taken out along with a rootcanal and teeth filled. I am having fake toothaches in the same spots where the other teeth were at at one time. My dentist told me that there might be some nerve damage there but if there is nerve damage there would it or could it effect my limbs. I have been jerking alot and it is bothersome even my regular dr cannot figure it out and it does not register on cat scans or nothing else. Sleeping pills does not even work. Is it possible that this all linked to my teeth or the teeth that are not there any more...


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Did you ever find a resolution to this? My mom just had a root canal and is having those same issues. She has even been to a neurologist and they said it is unexplanable and should just go away with time. Her jerking is not just bothersome, she needs 24 hour care so that she doesn't fall or anything like that. The muscle spasms or violent jerking are happening many, many times throughout the day. Did you get help?

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