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Can ill fitting dentures cause vertigo?

Posted by Elainedawn

Have taken numerous antibiotics for sinuses, have also experienced severe facial pain caused by dentures that has eased up by not wearing dentures for days (still sore but not excruciating. CT scan of brain shows normal (in fact the neurologist said excellent), but am still experiencing vertigo which is frightening. I am now wondering if vertigo has only happened when dentures are in. Could the dentures pressing on nerves cause the vertigo. Could the facial neuralgia cause vertigo. Please help because it is emotionally distressing
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Hi Elaine dawn,

My name is Gai, am 53  and I live in Queensland Australia. I had all my teeth removed in September 2009 due to an illness I have and the immediate dentures caused me lots of problems as in ulcers and made my vertigo worse as I suffer from Menier's Disease. In mid November I worked out that these dentures were possibly very poorly made and the alignment was dreadful eventhough the denist I was going to did not agree with me. I went to a dental prosthesist and he confirmed it. In January 2010 he started making the new ones and on February 25th received my new ones which line up perfectly and within three hours my vertigo eased and my vision was also clearer. That was last week and I still feel good so it must have been the porrly fitting and aligned dentures as nothing else had changed in my life. I understand completely about it all being emotionally distressing and if you are able I highly recommend you seek another opinion. I hope this helps you and gives you some comfort and relief knowing there is someone else out there sufferring like yourself. You are not alone.

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