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Can an apple a day keep the doctor and the dentist away?

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:00pm

apples There are enough studies to prove that apples are a whole-body benefit fruit that lowers blood cholesterol, protects your teeth from bacteria and plaque, improves bowel function, reduces risk of stroke, prostrate cancer, type II diabetes, and asthma.

1. Apples contain tannins,  nutrients that can protect your teeth against plaque and gum disease. Eating an apple can help clean bacteria from your teeth.
2. Chewing apples help stimulate your saliva production that kills bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay.
3. Apples are a good source of boron, associated with improved bone density and a stronger heart.  Their high folic acid content has a protective benefit for your heart.
4. Apples are 83% water and are good for hydration. An average small apple has only 60 calories. About 15% of an apple consists of carbohydrates from fiber and sugar that is natural, unprocessed sugar that won’t cause your blood sugar to spike like refined white sugar can.
5. The most important ingredient in apples is the fiber in the apple’s skin. Fiber and the high water content makes the apple a filling, healthy snack.
6. People who have an upper denture may have to cut apples into small pieces. For reasons unknown to me, I’m unable to chew the apple skin (I have an upper denture).
7. Choose a whole apple over apple juice because whole apples are richer in fiber. The juicing process reduces nutrient concentrations found in whole apples.

Tis the season for apples, so you’re right on time.

Well, look at that. It’s still all connected.

Saundra Goodman
Got Teeth? A Survivor’s Guide
How to keep your teeth or live without them.

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