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Can a recurring canker sore infection require antibiotic treatment?

Posted by cankerking

I am a 33 year old white man, I have been having continuous canker sores for about 2 months.  at first it was very awful, typically 3-4 at once and very painful with fever and malaise.  as it has progressed it has moderated, down to 1-2 at a time and even occasionally zero (though so far zero doesn't last long).  basically as some sores heal others sprout.  currently i have one very large one on the inner part of my lower lip and one small one on my tongue. 

 for a couple of months before this started i was experiencing bright red blood in my stool and had diarrhea.  this condition seemed to start around the time of my wedding, which was quite stressful (my wife and i planned it pretty much entirely on our own).  this condition seems to have subsided, there is no longer blood in my stool and it is solid and normal. 

there was perhaps a couple of weeks of overlap of the conditions, i have no idea whether or not they are connected. 

 anyway- is it possible that antibiotics would help extinguish the canker sores permanently? my immune system is slogging it out but maybe it could use a boost? i've been swishing hydrogen peroxide which has greatly helped. 





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