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Can a cracked tooth which had a RC & , porcelain crown create a metallic taste in mouth?

Posted by javaqueen

I had a porcelain crown removed in Sept because it was cracked. then a RC due to cracked tooth.  Had nerve damage from numbing causing burning tongue. In Nov. Porcelain over metal crown placed over RC.  Have metallic taste in mouth, tongue feels rough, loss of some taste and still have feeling on RC tooth but can chew on the tooth.  Not sure what to do now with the tooth.  Can a cracked tooth after a RC still feel sensations?  Not pain but more electric sensation.  Tooth above the RC has a  Gold crown.
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You are correct in your suspicion that dissimilar metals in the mouth can interact with each other and cause bizarre sensations.  But this is often difficult to diagnose as to the exact source of the unusual tastes and electric-like reactions.  Safe to say, the most recent change in your mouth is the starting place for your dentist's sleuthing.  The fractured tooth may even have an internal metal post that is contributing to the galvanic reaction.Check this out: 



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