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Brown stain behind bottom teeth?

Posted by Airwave

Hi All,


I have read a couple of topics on this already but im still not sure if this is the same problem as mine. I have a major problem in going to the dentist as im afraid of needles, always have been & always will so I have avoided going to the dentist for along time. I have developed this brown stain behind my bottom front teeth. I am not totally sure what this is but I have a feeling its not good. It doesn't hurt or anything, when I graze my tongue on it it seems very rough?


Any help would be very much appreciated  as Iam freeking out!



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This a layer of stained calculus that doesn't ever come off with brushing.  You need a professional cleaning.  The benefits are that you'll get rid of the sour taste in your mouth and have a less offensive bad breath.

Do yourself the favor of having a dental professional tooth-cleaning for the holidays.  Pain is not a feature of periodontal disease--your gums are painlessly pushed down by the tartar and never recover to their natural heights.  If you just go to the dentist when you have pain-you'll lose your dental health to gum disease without even feeling it.

Good Luck!


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