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Book Review: What You Should Know About Gum Disease by David Snape

Posted Jun 16 2009 10:42pm

If you’re a dedicated Dental Heroes reader you’ve probably noticed that I’ve yet to post a book review. Well, today’s a first in that regard. I recently had the pleasure of reading a great book by David Snape entitled, “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”. The book is actually quite different from most dental books in the sense that this book was written by a layman, not a dental professional. David is just a regular guy with a compelling story.

David’s Story

The inspiration for this book according to David was a fateful visit to the dentist during which he was diagnosed with mild to moderate periodontal disease(gum disease). David’s dentist informed him that they’d have to perform a scaling and root planing procedure to save his teeth. At this point, most people, often uninformed about the disease would proceed with the recommended treatment. Not David. In fact, David walked away that day determined to inform himself about gum disease and subsequently fight the disease with this knowledge that he was about to learn. Months later after implementing what he learned about fighting the disease(also detailed in this book), David returned to the dentist. To the dentist’s amazement, David had defeated gum disease and no longer needed the scaling and root planing procedure. The information that David used to defeat gum disease is detailed in stunning clarity in “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”.

What is Gum Disease

Gum disease, in general terms “refers to a number of inflammatory diseases affecting the periodontium — that is, the tissues that surround and support the teeth( Wikipedia ).” This is of course just a simple definition of gum disease. However, “What You Should Know About Gum Disease” explores gum disease in much more depth.

Why should I care?

If you’re a dental professional you already know that gum disease is quite common. However, most people don’t know how common. According to David, the number could be as high as 80% for adults. Surprised? I sure was. Not only is gum disease common, but it’s also very serious. In an increasing number of research studies conducted over the past several years gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, lung infections and most recently rheumatoid arthritis. The number of conditions tied to gum disease will surely climb in the coming years as more studies are conducted.

Who should read “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”?

Everybody. Whether you’re a dental professional or a regular person, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Dental professionals will benefit from David’s insights into educating their patients about the preventative measures they should be incorporating into their daily routines to prevent gum disease. As a patient himself, David’s insights are invaluable to any dental practice.

Regular people, like myself will benefit from reading this book because David has meticulously covered gum disease from top to bottom. He covers everything from the indicators of gum disease to risk factors associated with gum disease to actionable steps that will help to prevent gum disease. All of these topics are covered with uncommon clarity and a real understanding of the disease.

Chapter Listing

To get a better idea of the specific content you can expect in “What You Should Know About Gum Disease” I’ve provided a chapter listing below:

  • Chapter 1 – Discovering an Unwanted Guest: Gum Disease
  • Chapter 2 – Professional Care
  • Chapter 3 – Home Care
  • Chapter 4 – Questions about Gum Disease
  • Chapter 5 – The Fight Against Gum Disease Continues
  • Chapter 6 – The Mind-Body Connection
  • References and Resources
  • Gum Disease Resources
  • Other Health Resources

What have others said about the book?

“David Snape really gets it…Drawing from his own in-depth experience and knowledge on the subject, Snape enables his reader to go easily beyond the minimal care offered to most Americans. The results will empower his readers to take charge of this vital, yet often-ignored aspect of good health and wellbeing. I only wish I had this book twenty years(and several lost teeth) ago.” – John Corso, MD, author of Stupid Reasons People Die

“This book should be in dentist and doctor’s office waiting areas an health clinics…” – Hillary Yasmer Shemin, RDH, BSDH

How do I order “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”?

To learn more about his book or to purchase “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”, visit David’s personal website,

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