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Best at home tooth or teeth whitening kit?

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:05pm 4 Comments

Hemorrhoids are extremely painful and sometimes have to be removed by a surgeon . This is something to avoid if at all possible.

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Best at home tooth or teeth whitening kit?

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I never whiten teeth at home, like everything..I simply go to dentalpoland clinic to have it done there. I just do not want to harm my teeth and then feel this terrible pain when eating hot or cold food...That hurts so much.


I've worked in my father's dental office for years and I've experienced that tooth sensitivity firsthand. It seems that people don't talk about it very much and you don't see it in commercials but it's very painful!

I only like the custom teeth whitening trays with a gel called Calcium White. It's the only STRONG gel I've used that yields zero sensitivity. It has ingredients that prevent the teeth from dehydration which is a primary factor in teeth sensitivity. 

Well I am not sure but whitening does not hurt at all and then it lasts longer to keep it white. My doctor is very delicate and always asks if things are ok. I am afraid to use stuff like home you know
There's nothing wrong with home teeth whitening.  Many products out today such as ones by Crest, Colgate, or Rembrandt provide easy to use and safe teeth whitening products you can use at home that are much more inexpensive than dental visits. 
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