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Are you a Candidate for Teeth Whitening Solutions?

Posted Aug 29 2013 10:56am

Cleaning your teeth at least twice every day ensures that they remain free of stains, but when this chore is done by an expert, the best results can be produced within the shortest time possible. Professional teeth whitening is done under the attention of a qualified dentist and because of the great results which this offers, its popularity is growing every day.

Enamel makes the very first layer of every tooth and it's translucent. Just beneath the enamel is the dentin which could either being yellow, black or gray in color. In many instances, this color can be seen through the enamel. For you to improve the color of your teeth, it is imperative that a substance which penetrates through the enamel and reach the dentine be reached.


What Happens at the Start of the Whitening Process?


During this stage, the teeth get thoroughly cleaned with pumice which is just but a coarse material which gets rid of the plague from the surface of the teeth. This is then followed by applying a teeth whitening solution on the teeth's surface. The whitening solution helps to coat the surface completely.


Bleaching Agents that can Be Used


There are many types of bleaching agents which can be used for this purpose and some of the most common choices include hydrogen peroxide and car amide. Some of the teeth whitening products may require the use of laser technology or light which helps to cause their activation. The additional treatment ensures that small pores are opened on the outer parts of the teeth and this helps the peroxide solution to penetrate deeply into the inner parts of the teeth. This way, it helps in making the teeth whiter. It may be necessary for the teeth whitening solution to remain on the surface of the teeth for up to half an hour so as to ensure proper penetration.


After the desired color is achieved, it is imperative that the teeth be rinsed with water. An application which contains some elements of fluoride can be used as this ensures that any sensitivity is reduced considerably. When you are done with this process, the dentist will advise you to avoid certain foods such as mustard, red wine, processed tomato products and tobacco for at least 24 hours .This helps to ensure that any pores on the enamel close, so as to reduce the recurrence of stains.


Your Teeth Whitening Dentist in Anchorage Can Help Determine what’s Right for you


Not all teeth whitening methods are good for everyone. For instance, those who have had their teeth restored with veneers or fillings may not use hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals. The only way to make veneers white is to get them replaced. Thedentistcan help match the color of the veneers to that of the teeth which surround it. Also, teeth which are grey or brown in color may not require the use of chemicals when cleaning.Dentist South Anchoragewill look at your personal circumstances and choose the most appropriate cleaning method for you.
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