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Are there other antibiotics for an infection above a tooth besides clydamyacin and amoxicillan?

Posted by kt

I seem to have an infection above my tooth, and it throbs and is painful.  Dentist prescribed clyndamyacin, but since I have had rouen y bypass surgery I have to take the capsules apart so they don't get stuck in the small opening and I throw up at the taste of this stuff. 

I have tried mixing it with everything from sweet to sour to liquid, applesauce, pudding etc, all to no avail.  Amoxicillian doesn't work. 

I don't mind chewing up Levaquin.  Would that work or is it just for lungs and sinuses?  If so what would the dosage and length of time be.  Tetracycline tears up my stomach.  I am extremely allergic (anaphlatic shock) to Keflex.Other than this blasted infection I am healthy.  The DDS doesn't seem to know what other antibiotic to give me except he thinks it is an infection.The hygenist also did what they call a deep cleaning...4 hours long over two visits.  Thanks, KT

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