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All Dentists are not the same and It's all about training!

Posted Nov 14 2010 2:05am
Choosing your Dentist is one of the most important decision you will ever make, the confusing part is that Every Dentist claims to be an expert and there are hundreds of referrals sites out there supporting and listing them. Actually, they may list any Dentist willing to pay their monthly fee. There are many things that go into making a good decision to choose a right dentist for yourself.

A Dentist is not a Doctor of medicine, However, most of the training in dental schools is specific to the study of the diseases and resolution of diseases of the gums and teeth. Like a doctor, a dentist can also choose to specialize in a certain form of dentistry. Some dentists become oral surgeons, orthodontists, or pediatric dentists. Many who do not specialize will refer patients with complicated needs to specialists for certain types of dental work.

Since, oral health is connected with the health of your whole body and everyone wants to know how to choose a dentist, there are really 3 things a Doctor would look at if he/she were a patient looking for a dentist. The first thing is continuing education and the type of school dentist went to. What really matters is what the dentist do after they graduated from dental school in terms of keeping themselves updates with continuing education. How many lecture courses and how many hands on. So, you might want to ask about the courses your dentist has taken while making a decision to choose them. Ask them tell me what courses have you done and show me what are the courses you are doing now. The second thing is "proof" before and after photographs of the real patients (not the stock photos). Third thing is looking on testimonials, talk to some patients, talk to referral Doctors or dental lab or get an opportunity to speak with instructors of those Doctors. I can assure you if you do that which you should, you will be able to find the right dentist.

My mission is to close the gap between the highly trained Dentists and the consumers by educating, creating value and awareness by providing a way for patients to evaluate the Dentists based on fact based research. Our primary goal is to educate general population that all Dentists are not the same. We just provide factual research proving highly qualified Doctors' expertise in the area those are invited to participate in. We educate consumers about the importance of CE (Cont. Education) and difference in average and high quality dentistry, we provide facts beyond just drilling and filling. 

We like to help Dentists, patients and potential patients by creating awareness and creating value. Top3Dentists will help endorse the highly qualified Dentists. We tell consumers about the Dentist's and Dentistry facts and help consumers appreciate the Doctor's excellence and dedication for their patients and profession.

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