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After extraction of smaller portion on fractured molar tooth, I am not in position of open mouth full.

Posted by Kishan R.

On 21st of November 2009 I got my fractured last molar tooth's(Left lower jaw) smaller interior portion extracted.  The tooth was earlier had cavity and was filled waiting for the capping to be done.  Meantime while eating the food it suddenly fractured in two pieces.  The small piece (inner side) was extracted by the doctor who advise the remaining tooth is ok and can be saved by RCT and capping.    However, after extraction of tooth till date I am not in a position to open my mouth fully finding it difficult to take the food inside the mouth.  There is no pain otherwise except while taking the food inside the mouth.When the tongue moves the food inside the mouth some pain is experienced on the side of the extracted tooth.  The jaw seems to have locked.  Pleae advise.


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