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ADA Professional Product Review

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:09pm
As a member of ADA, one of the benefits I find most valuable is JADA, The Journal of the American Dental Association. Of any journal I receive a physical hard copy of, I find it the most relevant. One of the add-ons to that that is absolutely brilliant is the ADA Professional Product Review. This little 15 page pamphlet comes packaged with JADA a few times a year and is published by the Council on Scientific Affairs.

What I really like about the PPR is that it is a concentrated form of evidence winnowed down on a certain type of material. The one I got in the mail yesterday was about denture base polymers and denture reline materials. Generally speaking, I let my removable lab technician choose which denture base polymer he wants to use. I figure that he works with the stuff all day long, he knows much more about it than I do. So for me, and I would assume most average general dentists, I am just going to pass right over those pages. However, the denture reline materials section is something I am very interested in. I don't know much about chair-side hard reline materials. This publication breaks down six products and analyzes their performance on the bench, in the lab, and in the mouth and cites it's references. It also breaks down cost, which is phenomenal.

Here are some scans of the some of the publication's figures that I find invaluable.

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