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5 Ways to Improve Client Service at Your Dental Practice

Posted Apr 08 2010 11:08pm

The following is a guest post by Millenium Dental. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here .

There are many different factors that come into play when determining the success level of a dental practice, but one of the most important qualities that any practice should possess is excellent client service.

Clients expect more than mere technical knowledge from their healthcare professionals; they also want a dentist who is friendly, attentive and will put their minds at ease. Keeping clients as satisfied as possible will guarantee return visits – and referrals for new business.

Here are five ways to improve client service at your dental practice:

In these difficult financial times, many clients are finding it challenging to fit a trip to the dentist into their budgets. Your job should be to make the process as easy on them as possible. Consider granting discounts when patients pay cash upfront, creating a referral program that offers patients discounts for referring friends or relatives to your practice, and working out payment plans for patients with extenuating financial circumstances. Accepting credit card payments is another way to increase the number of payment options available to clients.

For example, cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing segment of the industry, and clients will appreciate only having to visit one practice for all of their dental needs. Popular cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, dental implants and veneers. Another way to stimulate business is to offer spa amenities like massages or facials, which will give your practice a more relaxed, indulgent atmosphere.

Always send thank you cards after a client’s first visit to your practice, as well as to those clients who have completed extensive or costly procedures. Periodic postcard mailings are another way to stay in touch; try reminding patients that they’re due for a checkup, or offer a discount on special services like teeth whitening. Holiday cards are another way to show clients that you care. Finally, providing patients with surveys at the end of each appointment is a great way to solicit feedback and demonstrate the importance of their opinions.

People want to visit a dentist with a spotless office and up-to-date tools and equipment. In addition, relaxing music and television programs are mainstays of every well-equipped practice, as they put clients at ease and provide them with pleasant distractions.

Nothing makes a client feel less valuable to a medical professional than having to sit in the waiting area for an hour or more. Try to schedule appointments so that clients never have to wait longer than fifteen minutes to see the dentist.

Optimize your client service with these tips and your practice is bound to see an increase in business.

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