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Densil P.

San Francisco, California
While I wont say that I am inactive...however, I cant say that I am very active. My consistent workout includes dancing late into the night with friends. My actual workout occurs when the summer months roll around or if I feel that my energy pattern has changed towards sloth-like. I would really like to begin exploring the outdoors more...notably hiking seems interesting to me.
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Jan 04 2008 by Densil P.
March: Go to the gym at least once a week.
Jan 03 2008 by Larissa
I think a 12 month plan is a great idea!  By slowly introducing new activities into your routine, your more likely to stick with them.  I think I'll create my own 12 month plan... thanks!
Jan 02 2008 by Densil P.
February: Read at least one book per month.