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Just learning what it means to deal with diabetes type II in the family.  There's so much to know.
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Nov 29 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Dear Deepika, 

I hereby requesting your vote to win 'People's Health Blogger Award'. Please see all my posts related to cancer in my blog. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Nov 19 2009 by rajesh moganti

Hi poweryourhealth!

I know the contest is pretty funny, but I would love to win Wellsphere's Health Blogger Award

I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote for me and I guarentee you that you will like my blog
Sep 30 2009 by Abi


 Good article on the chinese rice. I'll have to try my luck at finding a vendor.

Aug 10 2009 by prb

r u diabetic. we r working on elimination of diabetes.