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M.Ed., Certified Personal Trainer, Adjunct Faculty Member - Purdue University Calumet Fitness Spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise
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Jan 13 2008 by Debi P.

Has anybody read either of the two 'groundbreaking' new books that view exercise as medicine??  "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" (by John Ratey - Harvard psychiatrist) and "The Athlete's Way: Sweat and the Biology of Bliss (by Christopher Bergland) both tout the medicinal benefits of exercise, particularly aerobic exercise. Physical activity enhances the mind by balancing the brain's neurotransmitters along with other chemicals.  According to Ratey, "Keeping your brain in balance can change your life".   In his book, Bergland discusses as how he self-medicated his teenage depression with medications and that it wasn't until he got into 'exercise', was there a complete reincarnation for him.  According to Ratney, a 'switch' in your head gets turned on when you exercise.   He continues stating that if everyone knew that exercise works as well as Zoloft, we could put a real dent in diseases such as depression.  Grab a copy of these books and let me know what you think.


Jan 08 2008 by Pat Y.
Good morning and thanks for your comments.  I have begun to walk as part of the wellness program at work.  I walked my first mile yesterday morning.  I have had the "crud" as folks call it around here but it felt great to be back on the track again.  I took it easy as much of the sickness is upper respiratory related.  Will keep everyone posted as I progress.  Am cooking lean meals today for the next three night's.  Which I begin tonight.  Catch ya later......
Dec 12 2007 by Larissa
Great job! Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to the site! I look forward to many more.