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Keeping my five children healthy and happy is one of my life-long goals. That's why I love my job writing for Not only do I get to write about real life, I also get to explore exciting new medical issues that affect the pediatric community. Writing about these issues and... Full Bio
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Little Reader Learning System

What is it? Little Reader is a reading program for babies and toddlers and takes just a few minutes twice a day. Over the course of a...

When Your Baby is Teething

Baby teething is one baby milestone parents always dread.  The constant crying, sleepless nights and the biting.  Is there a light at the end of...

Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods

It’s nice when the only thing you have to feed your baby is breast milk or formula. But soon they will need more than just breast milk or...

Why is My Baby Crying?

Crying Due to Gas The Joys of being a new mom are endless; as are the stresses.  Some new mom’s expect a hard baby!  I know I did.  I was...

Child n’Parent’s Pregnancy Survival 101

Deciding to get pregnant is like enrolling in a major college or university.  You will need to learn a great deal about nutrition, morning...

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