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Debra Flashenberg is the Director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York, NY. A graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music with a degree in Musical Theater, she has spent most of her life performing and was introduced to yoga through a choreographer in 1997. After several years as a yoga... Full Bio
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Tuesday Tip! Water!

As the warmer days are finally upon us, it is important to stay hydrated, especially for new moms and moms-to- be. Make sure you drink...

Tuesday Tip – Hot Socks!

This may sound like an odd idea, but trust me, it is worth the effort! Fill up a tube sock with dry rice or barley, enough to make a supple...

Spontaneous Pushing versus Directed Pushing

In our prenatal yoga classes, a portion of time is devoted to abdominal toning- specifically the transverse abdominis. These are the...

Tuesday Tip! The Birth Ball!

Prenatal Moms-to-Be…Be sure to get your birth ball and rock your hips on it regularly and you can bring it to the hospital, too! New...

Yoga for a Happy, Healthy Heart

Guest Blogger: Jyothi Larson Yoga improves heart health. A yoga practice reduces stress and reduces blood pressure, ultimately...
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Sep 02 2009 by kokanutt
my menses is usually 7 days; i have been having a lot of sex lately; my partner usually hits my cervix during intercourse.  doesn't bother me much. now my menses came on very light but bright red and a foul odor. could i have an std or something is damage my cervix or uterus or something?

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