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WeEk Of SoMeThInG

Posted Apr 24 2010 12:00am
Oh my, I have not been feeling up to being on the computer! I am not sure having my sits day was such a good Idea! I feel SO overwhelmed with comments and need to address them all but feel like i am buried deep in them. I also have been not having a good week! just been feeling blue the last few days. I miss my baby. On Thursday last week while at work, I had this feeling of panic come over me. I had a moment, a slight second that I felt I forgot about Kenner. That I didn't remember giving birth to him, that he never existed. It was only a slight second, the panic hit and then I started to relive everything, I started thinking about his birth and how I felt and all that emotion came back to me. I didn't let it out, I was working but I felt it. It was scary going back to that feeling of the first days after loosing him.

Ok, so on with some other news.  I am a week late with this, BUT I wanted to share something interesting with you all!!!
It only lasted a week!!! A week of a dog free bed. Ok SO she has only been on a few times since and not for a long period of time. I felt so bad that she was on the floor and we were in a nice and cozy bed!
Here is another cute one of her I wanted to share......
How can you not love this face?
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