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The Tragedy that We Knew as The End

Posted May 09 2009 12:00am
When you need a friend
You could count on anyone
But you know I'll defend
The tragedy that we knew as
The end
~Brandi Carlile, Tragedy~

Went to a party tonight.

First thing, met someone doing a fellowship with my OB. Ugh. Hit the wine bottle and avoided her for the rest of the evening in fear that I'd unleash some pent up feelings about the woman who changed my life forever.

Second thing, met someone with two boys who lost baby last summer. She mentioned this after someone else asked how many kids I had and my reply was "just two". After her "reveal", I told her I'd experienced something similar. She had words of encouragement, though she acknowledged that the loss will always be present.

I've been opening up more about what I went through. To some in limited detail while others are subject to a full disclosure (whether or not they want it). Once in a while, there's someone like this woman who gets it. She knows the tragedy and will defend the significance of it. After all she's a member of "the club" too.
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