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ThE oReGoN cOaSt

Posted Jul 02 2010 12:00am
I went to Florence, Oregon this last week for a family reunion. It was a last min decision, my husband could not go. SO sad!

I left on Thursday the 24Th, I hopped an airplane at 11:30am. Made it to Oregon at 12:20pm. The flight was 1 hour and 28 Min's long. It was not too bad, didn't have a window seat BUT beggars can't be choosers right! My sister and my Uncle Eric came and go me in Eugene. We had an hour drive to grandma's. We got to grandma's house and just sat and talked for a while. Then My cousin Ben showed up, I have not seen Ben in over 20 years. He is my Uncle Eric's only son. There is a long story there.....IT was so GREAT to "meet" Ben again. He fit in like he was never gone. A few hours later my Uncle chuck and Aunt Andrea showed up with 2 of my cousins kids. They rented a house so we all filled in cars and drove over and spent some time there. Ate some pizza and just caught up. Then went home and went to bed. After I went to bed my Aunt Kim showed up with her 4 kids and one of my other cousins. Friday everyone else stared to show up. 2 of my other cousins showed up in the middle of the night. We went to get mom and dad from the airport and when we got back Aunt Teresa was there with her husband Manny. Sometime Thursday I am not sure when My other cousin her husband and 3 kids came in also. All that was left was My brother and his family. They made it just in time for dinner. We all wore colored shirt so those who were new and never met us knew who we belong to. WE also did name tags. We had dinner and just hung out. My dad rented a house and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! We could hear the ocean with our windows open. I LOVED it. So that night we went and slept in out BEAUTIFUL house. Saturday we woke up went and had breakfast with the family and then went and had family pictures. They turned out WONDERFUL! Then just my family, went to old town and ate some lunch and just walked the around. It was such nice weather in oregon. Then Jer,  Jen and the kids and I went to the beach and it WAS COLD!! windy and the water was freezing. We then all met for dinner pretty much like thanksgiving and christmas food all in one. Sunday we met with the family for breakfast and we went for a drive up the cost. went for a little walk, went to a beach an played in the pebbles. Came back and met with the family. They all went to the sand dunes and did fun stuff there. My family all went back to the house and relaxed. We spent too much time in the sun. We all got back together for dinner, had a raffle. We raffled off a Afghan my sister made. You bought your raffle tickets for one dollar and all proceeds went to the Scleroderma foundation. We raised $231.00 as a family. We also had some fun dollar prizes for the kids. We celebrated grandma Kay's 75Th birthday that night, AND everyone else's.  That night Jer, Jen the kids and I went to the beach and watched the sunset! SPECTACULAR!!!!! Monday we had to be out of the beach house. Jer and Jen left that day to drive home. I went to the beach and did some sand names for a few people. I wish I could have done a bunch. It was a lazy day. I went home Tuesday,had a window seat this time. My bag got searched and my purse had to be x rayed  6 times. Got home and about 2 hours later Jer,Jen and the kids showed up. Stayed at my house til Thursday. We did ton of fun things. I am leaving you with some pictures of my trip to oregon.

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