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Skeeters, Skeeters Pumpkin Eaters, or not

Posted Jun 20 2009 12:00am
Paige, we found last year, is allergic to skeeter bites. They swell up about golfball size on most bites, not all of the bites, but most. She has skeeter spray at school and she says they put it on her before there "nature walk" yesterday, but she is bitten up. I didn't notice at first, but then she got in the pool here for just a bit, cuoghed a few times, sneezed a few times, got out cause she was cold. She looked very tired, then after a while she was still freezing with goose bumps under a blanket, I was sweating! (but not complaining about that!) Took her temp it was a 100.5, I thought she ws just getting a cold, but after seeing the golf balls on the side of her legs, I am now thinking it was all part of the skeeter bites! UGG poor kid!
She is feeling better today, I am continuing with the motrin today to try and help the swelling and keep the fever away and will be stocking up on benadryl for next time.
I saw on theinternet earlier this week (yep, I was getting prepared) and saw that you can use baking soda and water, and make it a paste, so I tried that for the itching, it did not help her.
The Calamine lotion is the only thing that helped. It will be interesting for next time to see if the beadryl does help alot.
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