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Posted Apr 16 2010 12:00am
SO yesterday at 6pm MST in Randolf, Utah the had a 4.9 EARTHQUAKE!! I didn't feel it! But the girl that sits next to me at work did. What, your asking what I was doing at that exact moment to not feel the earthquake? I was in my car, taking an early lunch, so I could

On a side note here I have SO many comments to sift through! I plan of replying to all of them. I have 26 new followers SO welcome to the newbies and to all you who have been with me a while thanks for staying! I also need to mention how GREATFUL I am for all the donations to March for Babies We hit our goal of $250.00 we are at $420.00. I am going to move the goal up to $450.00. Lets try to hit that now! If you haven't donated and have been waiting too please do so here , here and here ! Also if you are nervous about donating online you can mail me your donation, please email me at for my home address!

Thank you to everyone, now lets hit our new goal!!!
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