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Posted Jun 10 2008 12:00am
When it rains it poors and it has been pooring around here literally and nonliterally.

The dryer went out, eveyone pitched in for a new one (Thank you). Then 2 days later the washer went out. Forked out the cash for a new one. Then the car broke down. The old car that we just spent $500 to get fixed 3 weeks ago. Yes it broke down and $200 to fix it this time.
How will we ever manage this money situation??????? I am writing a letter to Oprah in hopes of getting some help. I do not want to worry about money right now and there are more important things to deal with. It is a tough time all the way around. The hospice social worker came out and is going to try and see of ways that we can get help to just pay the mortgage. I feel awful having to go outside of the box to get help......... I hate it, but I think that there is no other way. We are all working extra hard, tired, tons on our minds and to deal with money problems. UGGG! We will survive and get by. I feel like I need to do more, I need to find a way to make more money. It is just impossible right now. I have a sick child and a 4 year old who needs stabilityand time and love. I have to be there for them. Money can wait. It is on the back of my mind but when these things happen I have no choice but to look at it in the face. I pray that all of these little things stop happening and we can catch up and enjoy the time we have.
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