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Moncler Men's Jackets

Posted Jan 29 2013 7:23am
His unhappy encounter a quite political vision jeweler - Buwei. Buwei wisely realize that the bet on the prince temporarily frustrated, more profitable than the trading of jewelery. So Buwei first try to make the guards oversee different people, to facilitate different people make. Of course, the most important thing is to obtain the trust of different people, and it is not too difficult, moncler jackets because of the different personal, unaccompanied, in a foreign land can be considered that there are individuals willing to listen to him tell the sufferings envisioned for his future political journey, he was really moved to tears depending Buwei soon as confidants. Buwei First bribed the Huayang his wife's sister, because the Huayang Mrs. An Guojun most beloved concubines, but no children, so the Huayang Mrs. sister convinced artificially adopted son of the Huayang Lady received different and blowing An Guojun there zhenbianfeng say how different people how filial piety, as should be established him as Crown Prince. An Guojun agreed to the request of Lady Huayang, Buwei taken the first step. Buwei selected a man named Zhao Ji, and from Handan courtesan, she is smart, charming exception. Buwei told her to be such and such will be able to when Princess, Zhao Ji listened to gladly promised. Moncler Boots The two of them went to the line a couple of the ceremony, soon, Zhao Ji pregnant Buwei she dedicated to different people, Later Zhao Ji birth to a baby boy, later, Ying Zheng, different people died could not be confirmed Ying Zheng own child. Another said Zhao Ji did not pregnant, but different people wins love, Ying Zheng is the son of different people. In Huayang Lady, different people carrying Zhao Ji returned to the state of Qin was established as the crown prince. Zhaoxiang soon dead disease An Guojun Siwei, namely Qin Xiaowen Wang, different people management should when the Prince, but step off the throne, or worse, Buwei can not, he negotiated with Zhao Ji, Moncler Men's Jackets to wine and women fascinated Qin Xiaowen Wang, Qin Xiaowen Wang all day to live a life of debauchery, soon huan excessive expired! Different people finally took the throne, is the Qin Zhuangxiang. Huayang his wife Empress Dowager, Ying Zheng Prince Edward, Jin Lu Pu-wei sealed letters relative to the country, Hou, Shiyi one hundred thousand. With increasingly powerful Qin always force Buwei power cover high, different people know his shrewd, and gradually his vigilance. Buwei also be aware of how he can wait to die? So Zhao Ji secretly discussing different people to get rid of, Li Ying Zheng Wang, ZHAO Ji when the Queen Mother.
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