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For all those dealing with loss, or grief

Posted by Shannon S.

Here's a great article on how to stay healthy when dealing with grief. It's so hard to do but so important to try and take care of yourself when going through stressful times. Last year I went through dealing with my dad's cancer and then his death. It was a very difficult time and at times I just wanted to give up on being healthy but I didn't. I decided that I would feel better if I tried to take care of myself. Here's the link to the ehow article, tips on how to stay healthy when grieving:

 I truly hopes this helps and if you are in crisis or grieving my thoughts and prayers go out to you!


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Great article- thank you for sharing.

 I am sorry to hear about your dad.

Thanks for the article. My Dad was killed in a car accident 3 months ago today.
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