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dOg FiGhT

Posted Jul 15 2010 12:00am
Oh how we have enjoyed walking on the parkway, Meli had SO much fun in the water. We found a perfect spot where its deep enough or her to swim. We only walked 2 mile yesterday, we were about 1/2 away from getting to where we parked when we met up with 2 people walking there dogs. All the dogs were SO SO excited so see each other. Then one of them broke free from one of the owners, and pounced on Meli. She started FREAKING out right away. Some how or another, the other dog got involved in attacking Meli. One of the owners jumped on his dog to get her off meli. They were just biting and biting at her. One of them got a hold of her ear and would not let go. The owner had to pry its mouth open. Now I am going to tell you, we have always wanted a pit-bull, BUT this just brought to our attention that maybe it was not such a GREAT idea to get one. Poor Meli could not defend herself. She ended up having to get stitches in her ear. They of course had to put her out for that. I am going to show you a before picture and an after picture. Please be aware that it might be a little gross for some people! TO look at so If you don't want to see then stop reading here. Or just don't look too close! I have written some more under the pictures.....

Of course you can see the one spot she had to get stitches. There is another hole up where there is more blood not as big, it had to have stitches. Both holes went through her ear and the other side of the big gash had to be stitched up.
When I can get a real picture of her ear I will. They put her ear up in a bandage. So she looks like she has one ear but she doesn't! She was so sad, its hard to see her that way. She is now starting to feel better wanting to play and stuff so that is good. She is going to have to be water free for 2 weeks. Poor thing just learned that a river could be fun!
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