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Arenas would not see the big treatment

Posted Nov 19 2012 6:13am
Shai peak confirmed Arenas and therefore the Shanghai men's basketball might be signed onto a one-year contract, and were not wanting to disclose Arenas the actual salary Club and Chai peak, option to news that this degree of the agreement do not exceed DOLLAR 700,000 and DOLLAR 700,000 before Arenas Guangdong team out on price.

Arenas stands out as the largest brand with the Shanghai Youth Seahawks Customized Jersey men's basketball status for foreign aid, inside the rest of the world, Arenas and Shanghai men's basketball has always been practical coverage is in conflict, relaxation fame and utilities are not antagonistic, In earlier times, the Shanghai team foreign aid perception is extremely practical in your results, nevertheless club never has left the introduction of a high level of foreign aid, last season with the lockout of NBA there are variables, otherwise would have different number of Shanghai men's basketball signings changed. Shanghai men's basketball team of foreign assistance in this league certainly not quite possibly the most inexpensive.

Past within the NBA, Arenas was the all-star players, but his personality and means of doing things is criticized because of the outside world, the managing foreign aid, the Shanghai team is absolutely not worried, Arenas is often a professional player, playing in Shanghai, he eagerly expectations, he took part in the workout is a gesture i am in communication and trust Braylon Edwards Seahawks Jersey Youth. said relaxation.

Last season, JR Smith CBA to learn, to live in a five-star hotel, away Living and team, the sister from the team; This season, McGrady joined the Qingdao club carefully all set to give him a villa, including three residence for selection, also provided with specialized Western chefs. All of this, in your same big foreign aid Arenas body failed to happen, Arenas just didn't club Teeter other requirements, the documents isn't really on these special provisions, Arenas were really good, what just didn't take his physical division, no expectations, room and board will not be required, he had have a home in a rental, he just really wants play well. Chai Feng said. The also declared that the club will never discriminate Arenas and various foreign aid, although the practical difficulties will truly a good idea to help, aspects of life, the club provides comfortable conditions, I hope the guy can be regarded as a happy life in Shanghai. ' It is composed by jwinnova 11.19.2012
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