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This DeafBlog focuses on cochlear and baha implants and the impact they have in helping both young and old to hear. We also cover topics that we hope will be of interest to all deaf people and the community as a whole.
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Feb 25 2010 by deaf4496
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Feb 25 2010 by deaf4496
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Dec 02 2009 by lil eva
I am deaf in my left ear and considering the BAHA, do you think it will be worth the money and discomforts?
Jan 29 2009 by DeafBlog
Jan 29 2009 by DeafBlog

BREAKING NEWS! NICE recommends cochlear implants in new guidance published today

The final NICE guidance regarding cochlear implants has been published today. For those people with severe or profound deafness who do not receive adequate benefit from acoustic hearing aids, NICE has recommended:

• Unilateral cochlear implantation as an option for adults and children
• Simultaneous bilateral cochlear implantation for children
• Simultaneous bilateral implants for adults who are blind or have other disabilities that increase their reliance on auditory stimuli as a primary sensory mechanism for spatial awareness.

Richard Brook, President of Cochlear Europe said today: “We welcome the NICE guidance, which will ensure that eligible patients have access to cochlear implants.