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This DeafBlog focuses on cochlear and baha implants and the impact they have in helping both young and old to hear. We also cover topics that we hope will be of interest to all deaf people and the community as a whole.
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Whether you are a parent navigating your child's hearing loss or are considering a hearing solution for yourself, this blog is a place...

Writing helped me to overcome the diagnosis of hearing loss

By Liz Fisher, author of Liz's Deaf Blog Liz Fisher was diagnosed deaf in 2002 and struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis....

Enhancing Your Deaf Child’s Education

By Tina Turbin, multi-award-winning children’s author Award-winning children’s author of the Danny the Dragon series, Tina Turbin,...

Boy can hear again after cochlear implant

A seven year old boy survived meningitis 5 times and lost his hearing after the first bout of the disease. Troy Probert...

Deaf woman hears her own voice for the first time!

An overwhelming feeling of joy was felt when Sarah Churman, a 29 year old woman who was born deaf, activated her hearing implant....

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Feb 25 2010 by deaf4496
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