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Aug 20 2012 by JannnetPareeedes
Im 18 i had sex July 6th and then got my period July 13th & ended the 21st. I haven't gotten my period this month but i have had  gotten white/clear discharge. what could this mean?
Jun 28 2010 by yetty

I took the two tablets of postinor 2  at once, any side effecton my breatmilk for the baby.

Mar 17 2010 by miz MG
Dayzofrain can i know when is fertile phase? and when is ovulation occurs?
Mar 17 2010 by miz MG
my last period is on 26 feb -3 march, and i had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 14 of march, i've taken 1 tablet of postinor2 4 hours after the unprotected intercourse and taking the 2nd tablet after 12 hours taking the 1st tablet. but after 3 days past, i haven't sees any side effect and i start on wondering. so am i gona have pregnant? the postinor2 tablet that i had taken is 0.75mg dose per tablet.
Mar 11 2010 by Pem

I wake up this morning and went to use the bath room and i notice  that my urine is red, i think it was my period but after that went to used  the bathroom a second time and my urine is normal colour. am  pregnant or it is an infection.

Jan 17 2010 by bbttmm

Two of my daughters had similar problems getting pregnant and/or carrying a baby and when tested, it was found that they had unusually low levels of progeterone in their systems.  Both started taking supplements and were pregnant within months.  I am not a doctor, just sharing our experience.

Jan 01 2010 by nikkimarie20

i have that problem a lot about the part where i would go months with out getting my period. i finally when to the doctors and i am pre-diabetic. so your really should get it look at

Dec 22 2009 by sapphire
am afraid i have not yet done either yet,wrk is very busy at the mo. i know no excuse, but will leave it till i get the xmas period out the way, will post as soon as i know whats going on, but as ov yet am still late for my menstral cycle.
Dec 17 2009 by sapphire
going to do the test this fri, and have to book a test at DRs either way for bloods to be taken, thankyou Dayzofrain for the responce : )
Nov 21 2009 by biddy
thank u 4 ur reply xx...d hospital never said anything about a d.n.c i have 2 go back in in 10 days 4 another nine weeks pregnant but scane is only showing six so hart brokein as this is my 4th misscarrige.