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Health Maven's Answer shouldnt as conception doesnt actually take place immediately after... more
Jan 06 2010 11:06pm
it does take as a long as a year and a half to regulate the body from using the shot... more
Jan 06 2010 1:07am
are you cycles normally only three weeks? more
Jan 05 2010 10:29am
I think at this point you are just gonna have to wait until the blood beta results come... more
Jan 04 2010 12:32pm
it is possible but like I said I can't give you anything more than that with the... more
Jan 04 2010 4:46pm
Jan 03 2010 6:09pm
I am saying that yes as long as you have your ovaries and uterus (and they function... more
Jan 03 2010 6:25pm
count back from your due date and that should give you a pretty good idea more
Jan 03 2010 12:28pm
unless you remove the uterus and ovaries then you will still get your period with a... more
Jan 02 2010 10:09pm
it can take anywhere from six months to a year for your body to readjust to itself. ... more
Jan 02 2010 10:05pm
Jan 02 2010 9:52pm
As long as you don't have reproductive issues then you have the same chance as any... more
Jan 02 2010 10:01pm