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Jan 16 2010 10:51pm
yup... Prostnior 2 should not be used as regular birth control either.   The... more
Jan 17 2010 12:11pm
So when do you ovulate--- which cycle day? more
Jan 18 2010 12:36pm
What is the color and consistancy of the flow? example being "brown, dark red, bright... more
Jan 16 2010 10:14am
have you had your hormone levels checked? Do you know if you have PCOS or endo?... more
Jan 16 2010 10:12am
Had he had a semen analysis done since you started trying to concieve? That is gonna... more
Jan 16 2010 10:10am
Do you know when you ovulated? more
Jan 15 2010 5:30pm
Well.. if the first day of your last period was 12 December and you had unprotected... more
Jan 08 2010 1:15pm
It would probably be high early on...and double probably within in 24 hour window rather... more
Jan 08 2010 1:10pm
umm... at what point did you have the draw taken? Had you already missed your period?... more
Jan 08 2010 1:05pm
Jan 06 2010 3:52pm
Do you track your cycles for ovulation? more
Jan 06 2010 11:08pm